The Revolution of Open Water Sports

The Revolution of Open Water Sports

As water activities become increasingly popular, discover the E-JetCycle, an electric foil watercraft that presents itself as the perfect companion for water leisure enthusiasts. The E-JetCycle represents the future of electric water recreation.

A design tailored to the aquatic environment

This is THE revolution in water activities for the summer. The E-JetCycle, with its design specially tailored for water activities, offers an unprecedented driving experience on the water. Equipped with foils and a carbon hull, this electric boat lifts above the water surface simply by pedaling, providing a smooth and silent glide. Whether you’re navigating on a lake, a lagoon, or the sea, the E-JetCycle guarantees an unforgettable aquatic experience.

An watercraft as playful as it is performant

Don’t be fooled by its sleek silhouette; the E-JetCycle offers exceptional nautical performances that push the boundaries of innovation. Powered by an electric motor with up to 3 hours of autonomy, this high-end “foil pedal boat” allows you to glide at high speeds through the waters, offering an unparalleled sensation of freedom and lightness. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or prefer a tranquil sunset cruise, the E-JetCycle adapts to all styles of navigation and all levels of sporting expertise.

What’s the difference compared to the JetCycle Max?

Unlike the JetCycle Max, which is designed for regular athletes, the E-JetCycle makes flying more accessible and longer-lasting for all users. In other words, it’s a product heavily focused on “leisure” and suitable for everyone. The two points preventing the JetCycle Max from being mainstream were, on one hand, the fairly significant effort required (between 200 and 300W depending on the pilot’s weight), equivalent to climbing a 15 km/h slope at 5%, and on the other hand, the difficult-to-master heeling stability.

We first integrated electric pedal assistance, similar to what can be found in the world of cycling. The motor provides additional power to the user, proportionally to what the user provides. This allows feeling the effort under the pedal without actually exerting it and thus being able to appreciate all the sensations of flying.

Gwendal – Jetcycle Engineer

The difference with the JetCycle Max also lies in the integration of stabilizing elements, the floats, which give it excellent stability when the hull is in the water. This beautiful platform allows for easy descent and ascent into the boat, thus allowing the passenger to swim between flights.

Finally, the addition of 2 curved lateral foils under the floats has increased stability in flight by correcting heeling errors and keeping the boat flat.

With this new product, the user only needs to take place in their sporty-looking trimaran and enjoy navigation, focusing only on the controls, namely steering and trim management, which is the longitudinal attitude of the boat.

Environmental Respect: A New Era for Water Leisure

In a world where environmental preservation has become an absolute priority, the E-JetCycle stands out as an ecological alternative to traditional motorboats and motorized water activities. Unlike internal combustion engines that generate harmful emissions and disrupt marine ecosystems, the E-JetCycle operates entirely on electricity, thereby reducing its carbon footprint and preserving water purity.

Compared to noisy and polluting motorboats, the E-JetCycle offers a silent and environmentally friendly navigation experience. Additionally, the components of the E-JetCycle are 100% made in France!

Comfort and pleasure

Its ergonomic design and high-quality equipment ensure serene navigation. From its spacious cockpit to its comfortable seat, every detail has been designed to offer you an incomparable water leisure experience.

With its innovative design, performance, and commitment to sustainability, this electric foil boat promises an extraordinary aquatic experience for your water activities this summer. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a lover of peaceful navigation, the E-JetCycle takes you to new horizons in the world of electric water leisure.

All that’s left is for you to test it out! Contact our team.