François PERVIS was born in Mayenne in October 16th, 1984. Professional track cyclist in sprint disciplines, he has been in the French team from 2001 to 2021. After retiring internationally following the Tokyo Olympics, he didn’t stop his daily training to break the world speed record on a flatbed recumbent bike of 144kph (89 mph) achieved by man alone.

Achievements :

  • 8x world champion
  • 17 world medals Olympic medallist Rio 2016,
  • Paralympic medallist Tokyo 2021 in tandem as the driver of a visually impaired
  • 5x European Champion
  • 19x champion of France

Why become a JetCycle Ambassador ?
When I saw the JetCycle fly on the water for the first time, I immediately said to myself that I had to try it, I wanted to discover the feeling that Foil Cycling can give you. I was not disappointed ! Sensations are amazing! To have the best preparation for my world record attempt with my flatbed recumbent bike, I decided to include the JetCycle in my preparation. The stretched pedaling position on the JetCycle is the same as on my keeled bike. Foil cycling gives me the opportunity to stay close to the water and nature. A great way to combine the useful with the pleasant. My workouts are more playful, fun and ecological. A clever mix to perform but also to take pleasure. This new made in France soft energy transport has a very huge future ahead of it and I am really proud to be part of this adventure.

Jetcycle - François Pervis