JetCycle Max, how does it work?

The JetCycle Max is a single-seat, foil-powered, 100% human-powered boat. 

At first glance, the JetCycle Max may look like a flying pedal boat or a pedal canoe. But it’s a true concentrate of innovations that promises a unique riding experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Manufacturing and operation

The JetCycle Max has a 3.40m long and 0.80m wide hull, made of composite materials by infusion which allows to combine rigidity and lightness. Its design guarantees your safety, with or without pedaling power, but also a good performance and a very good comfort.

Our boat is equipped with two foils, one in the front and one in the back. These real carbon marine wings give the JetCycle Max an easy lift off even at low speed to allow you to take off and fly on the water!
The height of the JetCycle Max, including foils, is 1.20m.

Navigating the bike is simple. The JetCycle Max has a very simple and quick adjustment pedal system, with no need to change gears or chainrings, and can be adapted to the size of each user. The pedals are specially designed to allow for optimal transfer of muscle power to the propeller, located at the rear of the boat.

The power required for flight and take-off depends on the weight of the user. For example, a 60kg person will need 230 watts to take off, while an 85kg person would need 300 watts to get out of the water. 

When empty, the JetCycle Max weighs 35kg. It is recommended to carry it with a minimum of 2 people, due to its size and bulk.

🇫🇷 Our boat is entirely designed and manufactured in France.

Steering and take-off

Steering is provided by a mini side handle, positioned on the right, which allows the front foil to be controlled easily, to the left or to the right, by tilting the handle.
On the left side of the boat, another lever allows the JetCycle to take off and the height of the foils, playing with the flight altitude. The fine graduation allows for precise navigation.

To take off, it is necessary to pedal vigorously to reach 9 km/h. During the race, push slightly the left stick to maintain the horizontal attitude (the boat tends to nose down when you gain speed). 

Once you have reached take-off speed, you should then maintain the effort and push the left stick very gently to have a slightly nose-up incidence.

Just keep pedaling to maintain flight.

Who can ride JetCycle?

We do not recommend using the boat before the age of 14 due to its size, weight and autonomy. The JetCycle Max is accessible to anyone between 1.5m and 2m tall and weighing between 40kg and 100kg. 
Outside of these limits, buoyancy and safety on board are no longer guaranteed.

It is a sport for everyone. Whether you are a high level athlete focused on performance or an occasional vacationer, this outdoor activity is accessible to all.

What are the best places and conditions for JetCycling?

The JetCycle Max is a watercraft recommended for use on indoor waters. Ideally, it should be used on a relatively calm body of water (such as a lake), to get the most out of it. However, the boat is also compatible for use at sea.

Here are the general conditions of use to respect:

Start/finish on a pontoon: the boat is not designed for a start on sand. 
Water surface without seaweed: not compatible with a hydrofoil boat
Minimum depth of 1m
Few splashes: 20/30 cm maximum to guarantee the stability of the boat.

Like any other watercraft, its use depends on weather conditions. You must make sure of the good conditions before your departure.